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An integral part of the library program is the collaborative teaching role of the teacher librarian. The TL supports teachers and students in their units of inquiry and promotes & teaches the skills of lifelong reading and information literacy.

Our Mission is:

To enable students to become lifelong learners and readers, as well as both effective and ethical information users. The library is focussed on student learning outcomes. To achieve this mission, the teacher librarian will work in partnership with the leadership team and teachers to:

  • foster the value of reading for pleasure and the appreciation and enjoyment of literature.

  • develop students’ information literacy skills through guided inquiry, using the NSW Board of Studies Curriculum.

  • provide access to current, high quality information resources and literature in a variety of formats, that support the school's priorities, student needs, abilities and interests.

  • provide accessible services to assist both students and teachers in easily and independently accessing resources and information.

  • provide guidance to staff and students for the integration of digital information and ICT capabilities into the learning experience.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 3pm (closed for recess 11am -11:40am)

Borrowing Limits:

Kinder: 1 book for 1 week

Year 1: 2 home readers and 2 books for 1 week

Years 2-3: 1 home reader and 3 books for 2 weeks

Years 4-6: 4 books for 2 weeks

Years 1-3 borrow every Monday

Kinder borrow every Thursday

Years 4-6 borrow every Friday

All students must have a library bag to borrow, or they can borrow 1 book for their school desk.

If a student has overdue books, he/she may not borrow until some books are returned.

Code Club:
Every Monday at Recess for Yrs 3-6 (11am -11:40am)
This is a group of students interested in learning to code and an opportunity to provide them with an access to the skills of tomorrow in a fun and team environment.
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Teacher Librarian

Mrs Michelle Philpott (Mon-Thurs)

Library Assistant
Ruth Beaver
(Tues, Wed & Fridays)

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