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CBCA Shortlisted Books 2020

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Younger Readers - Chapter books

Catch a Falling Star by Meg McKinlay. I loved this book, based on a real historical event in Australian history, the falling of SkyLab from space, it also centres around 12yr old Frankie dealing with the aftermath of her father's death. She is the one left to look after her little brother, with a busy, working Mum who won't talk about it. I love how the author brings in so many interesting space facts and in turn creates a warm, heart melting book about bravery and honesty when grieving. Great for ages 10-13. I give it 4 out of 5 stars

The Little Wave by Pip Harry. Both boys and girls will love this. Written in spoken verse so a quick read and not as threatening as a big fat chapter book. 3 students all facing their own struggles - bullying, loss of mother & a struggling father & low socio economic issues all addressed. It is set in both outback country to the coast of Manly. Your heart opens up and swells with love as you follow all 3 stories.   Great for ages 8-11. I give it 3 out of 5 stars


The Dog Runner by Bren McDibble. Oh I couldn’t put this one down! I just had to keep reading to find out if these 2 kids - 14 & 10 survive on their own on a 5 dog sled. It is set a few years into the future in the Australian landscape when a fungus has devastated the world. Nothing grows, all the animals have died , anarchy reins in the cities and life is dangerous with no food. It is a wild adventure filled with non-stop, heart-racing action. It’s gripping from page one, and each chapter ends with that magical pull to read just one chapter more.

It sparks questions and discussion about our world and society & gives voice to sustainability  and even indigenous culture in the most beautiful and powerful way. Suit ages 10-14.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars

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 The Glimme by Emily Rodda Not my normal pick but I still enjoyed it. The pictures all the way through are phenomenal! Fantasy, sci-fi,dragons, giants and other strange creatures fill this dangerous quest in strange lands. Finn spends every spare moment sketching dragons and monsters that are not there until one day he wakes up to find himself in the ravaged world of a painting and on a desperate quest to stop a deadly war with dragons. It is a story that offers a doorway from an ordinary world into another more magical one. It is a traditional  quest story, a heavy fantasy with magic and dragons. In addition its imaginative and beautiful illustrations will have kids revisiting the book over and over again. Suit ages 8+ I give it 3 out of 5 stars


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