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Our Ebook Platform

See below for how to use SORA to do your PRC 

Sora, is our new at home, borrowing,reading and listening app for our St Paul's community. With Sora, students and staff can access a collection of ebooks and audiobooks for independent reading. Students can read or listen to these books using a Chromebook, desktop computer, Ipad, Smartphone....any personal mobile device.

Please encourage your child to use our ebook system. The school pays for this, so there is no charge to you.  Ebooks, read alongs and audio books are available that are appropriate to your child’s age.  

Getting Started with Sora


1. Go to using a web browser on any computer or device. OR if you are using an Android or Apple mobile device you can also install the Sora app from your device’s app store.

2. Tap “Find my school.” Our school is ACEN member collection. (It stands for Australian Catholic Education Network). There is a link down the bottom that says My school isn't listed. Tap on that to type in ACEN. 

3. You will be directed to our school log in. Enter the username and password that you use to log in to school computers/library laptops. (you can email me if unsure)

4. Click the Explore tab to search for and borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading

or listening right away. 

5. You can keep a book for 14 days. You can check out up to 3 books at a time. You can place holds on books

that are checked out. 

6. Close the book and go to your Shelf to see all your books. From there, you can:  Tap Open Book or

Open Audiobook to read or listen to a book. And Tap Options to renew or return the book, get to your notes

and highlights, and more. 

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Use SORA for Premier's

Reading Challenge 



SORA has a PRC section so select your books from there and record them. Just keep a record of what you have completed or download and print off a new PRC record sheet here.

We can staple them to your one at school at a later date.

On SORA go into collections and you will find the NSW Primary Reading Challenge.

YOU CAN STILL WIN THE PIZZA PARTY!! PRC ends in August so get reading!!!

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