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The Parts of a Book


Lesson 1- Books Parts and Features 

What are the parts of a book- 
View the video below to find out.

1.Get a book from home, show a person in your house all the parts of the book. See if you can get them all right! 

2.Label the parts of a book, print out worksheet here or use the copy in the take home Paper Work Packs. Cut the bottom labels and add them to the correct boxes.

3. Download this PDF colouring in sheet about how to label a book or use the one brought home in Paper Work Packs. Colour the part of the book as asked!  


download (1).jfif

Week 2    

Lesson 2- Books go in order

In our library at St Paul's our library picture books have a large LETTER on the front cover to help us know where books are shelved in the library. This also helps us to return them to their correct place! 






So a good Library user must know their alphabet!

Let's practice alphabetical order! 

Activity 1- Sing the alphabet song to someone at home! -Can you sing loud? Can you sing soft? 
Activity 2- Watch this alphabet song at home 















Activity 2- Cut out these alphabet cards and put these letters in order just like the library! Print them here or use the ones in the Paper Work Packs 




Activity 3- Play these alphabet computer games. Click on links below.



Who can remember our browsing card song to help keep our books in alphabetical order?

I'll give you a clue...

You put the card in you take the book out


images (3).png

Week 3    

Lesson 3- Made up stories are FICTION



















We are going to learn about different types of books. A FICTION book is a story book. It has pretend, made up things in it. 

For example the chickens on the cover of this book are blue and pink. Have you ever seen a real blue or pink chicken? I haven't!

Activity 1. What can you see on the cover of Chicken Divas that is NOT real? What is pretend?

Activity 2. Look at the pictures of the pig and chicken. Point to the ones you will find in a FICTION book, a story book?

What made you pick that pig? 

What made you pick that chicken?


Have you got any fiction books at your house?

Go and have a look in your bookcase for a story that could be a fiction story. A pretend story. 

Get someone at home to read it to you and point out some

things in the story that make it a pretend story.


Week 4  - Information books are Non Fiction 

We are still learning about different types of books. A NON FICTION book is an Information Book. It has real information it, it informs you, teaches and explains things to you. 

For example the elephant on the cover of the non fiction book has been taken by a camera, it is a real elephant.

The elephant on the fiction book is a fun drawing- not a photo. Someone has made it up.




Activity 1. Watch the video about non fiction and fiction books below.













Activity 2. Look at the pictures of the pig and chicken. This time point to the ones you will find in a NON FICTION book, an information book?

What made you pick that pig? 

What made you pick that chicken?


Non Fiction = real

Fiction = made up










Have you got any non fiction books at your house?

Little Girl Reading in Bed
images (1).jpg
images (8).jpg

Go and have a look in your bookcase for a book that could be a non fiction book. A book with real information. 

Look at the pictures and maybe someone at home can read a fact or 2 to you. What interesting facts can you find?

Week 5 - Looking after our Library books

We will hopefully start Library lessons back up at school real soon! So we need to remember how to look after all our fiction and non fiction books in the Library.

Activity 1. Can you remember some of the ways we look after the Library books at school and at home?

Activity 2. Look at the photos below. What do you think has happened on each book page? What rules haven't been followed?












Activity 3

Book Manners Cut and Paste activity. Cut out the pictures and decide if they go into the YES column or the NO column! Work sheets can be found in Workpacks sent home from school or print off here. 

damage 3.png
Scissors Sketch

Get someone to film you talking about how you take care of a book, email it to Mrs Philpott and we'll watch it in our next Library lesson. 

Extension activity


Week 6 

 Chicken Divas   FICTION

clipart of divas chicks.png

A FICTION book is a story book. It has pretend, made up things in it. 

Watch the video below of the book  Whitney and Britney the Chicken Divas and make a list of 5 things that are made up, not real!








Click here to play the Chicken Divas MEMORY GAME 

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