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Year 5 Library Lessons

Term 2

Year 6 Library Lessons

All lessons for Term 2 are listed below in order. At school we would normally have Library Lessons on a fortnightly rotation. Please feel free to do the lessons anytime throughout the week or you can stick to the school timetable and do one Library lesson every 2nd Wed. Please keep all work in a folder/plastic sleeve or on your  for end of term collection. You can also scan or/& photograph work or create work on your computer and email to me at any time. 

P.S Don't forget you can go to the SORA app and borrow a book every week too.

YEAR 6 You can still build your PRC numbers up and win the Pizza party! Use the PRC books on SORA!    



Book Study: And the Band Played

Waltzing Matilda Words by Eric Bogle & Illustrated by Bruce Whatley. 


Week 1   28/04/2020

Lesson 1- Building up knowledge of the topic 

In Term 1 we spent time looking at how Australians are portrayed in the media. To continue our link to History: Colonial And National we will continue to look at the construction of our Australian Identity with And the Band played Waltzing Matilda as our core text.

Activities- Building Pre Knowledge Worksheet

You can print off here             or type up your answers on a word document or there is a copy of work sheet in Paper work packs.

1. Listen to the 2 songs  Waltzing Matilda and And the Band played Waltzing Matilda.

What is the story of each song?

What song do like the best? Why?











2. Pre Reading..

  • Before we read the book use the internet to find out a little about who Eric Bogle is.

  • Now read the end papers at the end of the book below. 















      Please file completed Library work away in a folder or plastic sleeve to hand in at a later date or email to MrsP


Lesson 2- Building up knowledge of the topic 

Activities- Building Pre Knowledge 

Type up your answers on a word document or write up on a piece of paper.


  • Watch footage of troops departing by ship in 1915 

  • What do you notice about the uniforms of the soldiers and their manner of moving across the dock?

  • Describe how the dress and movement of soldiers, differs from normal people. Why? 



  • View a clip from an ANZAC day march below

  • Why do you think bands play music on both the occasion of troops departing for war and on ANZAC day marches?















3. This book is an actual song. Music makes you feel. How do you think the author will create the same feelings in this book without music?





     Please file completed Library work away in a folder or plastic sleeve to hand in at a later date or email to MrsP
















This lesson will consist of reading the text and watching a video with questions to explore the meaning of the text.​

Activity1. Watch the video below of the text being read to you by an Australian soldier to her son. 

Acitivity 2. Now watch the video of the book below to read the text yourself and see the illustrations up close. You can pause the video to stop on a page to read the words at anytime by clicking on the page. Then click again to continue.













authors notes.jpg

Week 3   12/05/2020

music - Copy.png

Week 5   26/05/2020 - Reading and exploring the text


Activity 3. 

Now listen to the song below by Eric Bogle again.

* Do you think the illustrator Bruce Whatley has captured the feelings and emotions of the song lyrics? Why do you say this?

* Pick your favourite illustration/page in the book and describe why it is your favourite.

* What feelings do you get from the illustrations and the words on the page you picked? 

* Which do you enjoy more- the book or the real footage below?

* This song is an important part of our Australian identity. But it is about war long ago. Why do you think this song has been made into a book for the children of today? 2020? What does this book teach us about the Australian identity- who we are as Australians?

Please file completed Library work away in a folder or plastic sleeve to hand in at a later date or email to MrsP

Week 7   9/06/2020 - Reading and exploring the text

Watch the video below. It goes through the book asking you questions along the way. Jot down your thoughts to those questions on a piece of paper or on a word document. The video gives you time to think and write your answer, but if you need longer remember you can just pause the video and restart it when you are ready to move on

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