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Year 1

Book Study 

Granny Grommet

Book Study: Granny Grommet and Me 

Week 2 


Lesson 1- Granny Grommet and Me by D.Wolfer 

In Term 1 we spent time looking at 3 other books, With Nan, Nannie loves and Granpa and Thomas.
To continue our link to History: Families Past and Present we will now use Granny Grommet and Me as our focus book. 

1. ​The story is set at the beach. Share your favourite beach stories —

- which beach do you go to? 

- what do you like doing at the beach?

- do you or anyone in your family enjoy surfing or body boarding. 

2. What do you see when you go to the beach? Using the sheet attached here- Print off here or use the copy supplied in the Paper Work booklets sent home. 

In the top row draw 3 separate things you would see at the beach. in the 4th box in the top row draw yourself at the beach. Leave bottom row blank for now!

3. Watch the video below of the book Granny Grommet and Me!

Watch it as many times as you like!   








3. ‘There are strange things …’. What are some of the sea creatures or strange things that they could see under the water? Go back to your visualisation sheet. Now draw 4 things from the story in the bottom row.

4 Click here on the fishing game for a bit of underwater fun! 


Granny Grommet and Me - visualising.png
Beach Fun

Week 4   

Lesson 2- Granny Grommet and Me by D.Wolfer 

1. ​The author wrote this story after she met the real-life ‘Granny Grommets’ in Albany.
Albany's Granny Grommets are a group of female surfers over 50, who are learning to surf at Middleton Beach every Friday morning. Click on this link here to see the group. Real Grommet Photos  

      Not all grandparents sit in rocking chairs reading newspapers nor sit and knit all day. Maybe you could ask one of your grandparents what hobbies or social activities they enjoy!


Examining text structure and organisation

2. This book is a simple narrative structure of beginning, middle (problem) and end (resolution).

- What part of the story is the beginning?

- What part of the story is the middle- the problem?

- What part of the story was the ending? How was the problem solved?

         You can go back to lesson 1 above and listen to the story again if you need to.

Activity Draw a picture and/or write a simple sentence describing an event from the beginning, middle and end of the story on a blank piece of paper, or print off this worksheet or use the one supplied in the Paper Work booklets sent home. 








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If you have an Apple Ipad download my favourite free drawing app called  Tayasui Sketches School & draw a  beach on your Ipad.

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Week 6  - Illustrations 

Lesson 3- Granny Grommet and Me by D.Wolfer 

Perspective/Bird's Eye View

1. ​
Examining visual features

  • LOOK closely at the illustration on ‘The Grommets float me out to the reef’ page, which shows an overhead view of the Granny Grommets and the girl floating on the water.

  • This is called bird's eye view! It is what the bird can see from above. It is also called perspective. It is from a bird's perspective. 

  • Here is a picture of Newcastle beach from a birds eye view!

  • Have you ever been to Newcastle beach? Can you see anything you recognise?

  • Draw a picture from a bird's eye view. Pretend you are a bird in the sky looking down, what do you see? Maybe you could draw your house and yard from above. Or maybe draw your bedroom looking down from the ceiling or even your favourite park.










If you have an Apple Ipad download my favourite free drawing app called  Tayasui Sketches School & draw your picture on your Ipad!

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Extension activity

images (1).jpg

Look up Middleton Beach, Albany the home of the real life Granny Grommets on GOOGLE EARTH for a real bird's eye view

Week 8


Lesson 4 - Granny Grommet and Me by D.Wolfer 

Book review

We are going to create a Book Review. I want you to think about all the favourite things you liked about this book. We call this reflecting and considering what we have read.

Think about what you would say if someone asked you what you liked the most about this book.


Rate the book: How many stars do you give this book? 

Name your favourite part. Describe what you liked about this story. Why should people read it?

Did it remind you of something you have done?

Illustrate/Draw your favourite scene. 

Print the Book review document from here

Week 10   

Lesson 5 - Granny Grommet and Me by D.Wolfer 


We are going to create a digital copy of our Book Review.

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