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A Year 2 Library Unit

Pencil and notepad

Book Study: The Day we Built the Bridge 

Week 2


Lesson 1- The Day we built the bridge  by Samantha Tidy. 

In Term 1 we spent time looking at how photographs are a primary resource and help us learn about changes over time. To continue our link to History: The Past in the Present we will continue to use photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Day we built the Bridge as our focus book. 

1. Have you got any I wonder .... questions about the Sydney Harbour Bridge? I do. Mine include

Why was the bridge built?

How did people travel across the harbour before it was built?

How long did it take to build?

Why did it take so long?

Why is the bridge important?

What else do you want to know?


2. Before we read the book I want you to answer these in your head..

  • have you seen this bridge before? walked across it? driven across it?

  • what do you know about the bridge?​

  • how different do you think life in Sydney might have been before the bridge was built?

3. Now lets add some new knowledge. Watch the video below! Watch it as many times as you like! Listen for any new interesting facts. On the Harbour Bridge fact Worksheet, write down 5 interesting facts from the video. Print sheet off here.                   Or there is a copy in the Paper copy Workbooklets from school.










4 Now looking at the photo below what can you learn about the bridge? What is it's shape? What is it made from? What is it used for? What does the photo show you? Record 5 things on your worksheet you see from the photo about the bridge. 









5. And lastly what else do you want to know about the bridge? Write down 2 things you would like to find out about the bridge on your worksheet. 




Week 4   

Lesson 2- What things of the past can we see today What do they tell us?? 

1. This card below contains many sources of information about The Sydney harbour Bridge. Use this Information card below to answer the questions on Worksheet no.17. Print worksheet off here.                   Or there is a copy in the Paper copy Workbooklets from school.
























Week 6      


Lesson 3- Lets Look at the Book! 







        Click on the book to listen to it. 

You can listen to it as many times as you like!






Discussion Questions. Write your answers on the answer sheet in your take home paper packs, or print it off here               or type them onto a word document.


  • what was the need?

  • How do you think people get across to the other side of the harbour in 1890?



  • what was the idea?

  • What has the boy drawn in his picture?





  • what do you see happening in this picture?

  • what do you think the hold up might have been that the author is talking about? 






  • what is an engineer? what does he or she do?

  • what does "robust" mean? 

  • what does "magnificent" mean?



  • what do you think happened to plans for the bridge during the war? 

  • why can't you build a bridge when there is a big war happening?






Last Page:

Why do you think the author has given the main character red socks all the way through the entire book?



The Day We Built the
Bridge by Samantha Tidy 
Special permission to present this book from Midnight Sun Publishing

Week 8    

Lesson 4- The Bridge!


        Remember you can go back and listen to the book as many times as you like!

You choose which activity you would like to do!

You only need to do ONE of them

  • Draw,paint,sketch a picture of the Harbour Bridge and write 5 sentences about the bridge OR

  • Use the story to create a timeline, from the first need for a bridge to the opening of the Harbour Bridge OR

  • Research the building of the harbour bridge. Write a paragraph about all the new facts you read about.







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Paint Brush

Week 10

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